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What is Concierge Medicine?
“Concierge” medicine, which is growing rapidly throughout the country, entails limiting the practice to a much smaller patient base, so that each patient receives a far greater level of service. This model of health care developed in response to the many criticisms of the current method of health care delivery, in which physicians are incented to see as many patients as quickly as possible. This “assembly line” approach to medicine leads to long waits to get appointments with the doctor, long waits in the waiting room to see the doctor, brief, hurried appointments which leave both the patient and the doctor feeling unfulfilled, difficulty speaking directly with the physician concerning problems both during and after routine office hours, etc. In addition to the frustration and inconvenience that this method of health care delivery creates, important diagnostic clues may be overlooked and potentially catastrophic errors are made due to the harried nature of the system.

Pinnacle Pediatrics – Ultimate Service
In order to rectify these problems, Dr. Serbin created Pinnacle Pediatrics. With a much smaller patient base, Dr. Serbin schedules far fewer patients per day than the typical 30-40 patients per day often seen in pediatric offices. There is no wait for an appointment – all patients are seen when the parent wants them to be seen (no child should have to miss school for a doctor visit). There is no time spent in a waiting room – patients are seen at their appointment time. The appointment lasts as long as is necessary, until all relevant issues have been properly addressed.

All phone calls during office hours are answered by Dr. Serbin. The same is true after office hours – all patients have Dr. Serbin’s cell phone number so that he can respond in a timely manner. There are no answering service personnel to try to explain the child’s problem to and no surrogate (nurse, medical assistant, secretary) advice-givers.

In addition, if your child’s condition warrants urgent evaluation, Dr. Serbin will see your child regardless of the day of the week or time of day. There are no more “convenience” visits to the emergency room, in which you wait hours to be seen by a physician unfamiliar with your child just because the office is closed. The only emergency room visits are due to true emergencies – trauma, etc.

Pinnacle Pediatrics – Ultimate Health
Obviously, this level of service is unmatched in today’s health care environment. Besides delivering convenience, this health care delivery model may also result in improved health outcomes. Longer appointment times allow Dr. Serbin to fully explore all aspects of a child’s life, which may uncover problems and opportunities for improved health promotion. The more relaxed nature of these visits certainly decreases the chance for medical error. As parents feel more empowered to contact the physician after hours, certain problems may be detected, and treated, earlier, possibly resulting in better outcomes. No time spent in a waiting room means far less contact with other ill patients – thus dramatically decreasing the all-too-familiar “sick visit” several days after the well child visit.

The dynamics of this practice also enable us to focus more on wellness and disease prevention than most pediatric practices. Relying on Dr. Serbin’s expertise in sports medicine, there is a strong emphasis on fitness and nutrition.

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