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One Physician Practice - All health care delivered by one physician, except for a maximum of 4 weeks vacation per year and 1 weekend off per month (Another Pediatrician does provide coverage if Dr. Serbin is away.)

House Calls - Dr. Serbin makes home visits for both well child exams and sick visits.

Extended Patient Appointments - Appointment length is whatever the patient (or patient's parents) and physician deem appropriate, from 15 minutes to 1 hour or longer if necessary. This enhances Dr. Serbin's diagnostic capabilities and decreases the chance for medical error.

Extended Appointment Hours - Appointments are scheduled evenings, weekends - whatever is convenient for the patient.

Same Day Appointments - Well child exams and sick visits are accomodated.

Phone Advice by Physician Only - All phone calls are returned by Dr. Serbin personally, both during office hours and after office hours.

Prompt Phone Call Back - Often, Dr. Serbin will simply answer the phone. If he is seeing a patient or is otherwise occupied, the patient may leave a message on voicemail and Dr. Serbin will return the call as soon as possible - no more waiting all day for a call back.

Physician Ancillary Follow Up - Dr. Serbin personally calls and discusses all labs/x-rays/specialist referral notes, etc.

No Office Waiting Time - The waiting room is your home (thus eliminating exposure to ill children in the office.) All patients are normally seen within 5 minutes of their appointment time, barring emergencies.

Virtual Appointments - Email and text communications are welcome. Often, pictures sent via these modalities can result in even more rapid diagnosis and treatment.

Decreased Emergency Room Visits - Unless your child has a clear need for an emergency medicine physician (such as severe trauma), Dr. Serbin makes arrangements to see your child at your home, or will meet you at the Emergency Room.

24/7 Access - In the event of after hours problems, all patients have Dr. Serbin's cell phone number, with a guarantee of a prompt response.

Same Day Return on Health Care Forms - All school, sports, daycare, camp, etc. forms are completed the day they are presented.

Periodic Newsletter - A newsletter is distributed frequently, via mail or Email, discussing what is new in Pediatrics, including health maintenance strategies, treatment options, changes in immunization schedules, controversies, etc.

Emphasis on Preventative Care - There is a strong focus on illness and accident prevention in the practice. This includes discussion of exercise and nutrition, as well as all aspects of physical fitness, based on Dr. Serbin's training and expertise in Pediatric Sports Medicine.

Practice Limits - To ensure that all of these services can practically be applied, Pinnacle Pediatrics will severely limit the number of patients enrolled in the practice.

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